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Additive Process – Deposition or addition of conductive material onto clad or unclad base material.

Ambient – The surrounding environment coming into contact with the system or component in question.

Annular Ring – That portion of conductive material completely surrounding a hole.

AOI – (Automated Optical Inspection) - Automatic laser/video inspection of traces and pads on the surface of inner-layer cores or outer-layer panels. The machine uses cam data to verify copper feature positioning, size and shape. Instrumental in locating "open" traces, missing features or "shorts."

AQL – (Acceptance Quality Level) – The maximum number of defectives likely to exist within a population (lot) that can be considered to be contractually tolerable; normally associated with statistically derived sampling plans.

Array – A group of elements or circuits arranged in rows and columns on a base material.

Array Up  Number of individual PCBs in the array configuration

Array X Dimension – In inches, the most extreme array measurement in the X axis, including any rails or borders 

Array Y Dimension – In inches, the most extreme array measurement in the Y axis, including any rails or borders

Artwork – An accurately scaled configuration of electronic data used to produce the artwork master or production master.

Artwork Master – The photographic image of the PCB pattern on film used to produce the circuit board, usually on a 1:1 scale.

AS9100 - A standardized quality management system developed for the aviation, aerospace and defense industry suppliers that incorporates ISO-9001:2008 and industry requirements in an effort to provide improved quality and performance. Requires authorized registar audit.

Aspect Ratio – The ratio of the PCB thickness to the diameter of the smallest hole.

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