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PHOTOGRAPHY: Modern precision equipment and
accessories provide artwork, solder-masks, and
letterscreens. Reproduction is of the highest quality.

  • Nuarc vacuum frames
  • Automatic film developer
  • Dry edge dryer 2436
  • Nuarc platemaker FT26V3UPNS

STOCK CUTTING: Experience and equipment to handle
out extensive inventory of UL—approved laminates.

  • Pexto/ Wilcox power shear, Model PH—52
  • Pexto/Wilcox manual Shears, 36"
  • 4’ X 3’ X 3’ Quincy oven

DRILLING: All requirements for high-speed precision 

  • Excellon Mark 5 Numerical control drill
  • Mark III numerical control drill
  • N/C Multihead drill with Mark Century Controller
  • Excellon Opic IIIC digitizer
  • Christian drill sharpener
  • 151/2” floor drill presses
  • Barnaby pinning machine

COPPER DEPOSITION: Complete and modern equipment
for out electroless line.

  • Compartment electroless tanks
  • Somaca deburring machine
  • Nationwide dryer
  • Somaca scrubbing machine

SCREENING: Screen sizes to handle any job size 

  • Screening tables
  • Chem-cut automatic screening machine
  • 5kw printing light with quad integrator
  • Berkley Addalux Model 1421-40
  • Precision Quincy oven
  • Colight UV cure machine

MULTILAYER: Modern press to handle any kind of job

  • Wabash four opening, 150 tons multi-layer press with
    automatic cycling.

DRY FILM: Clean room conditions and the capability to
produce precise dry film image and solder mask.

  • Dupont laminator, 24” width
  • Colight exposure units, Model DMVL-A+
  • Diazo developer Model 404

Circuit Reproduction Co. Inc., 
meets or exceeds all ERA. and O.S.H.A. standards.

We are a growing company to meet your needs. We invite
you to grow with us.

PLATING: Full capacity and equipment for the finest
quality plating.

  • 800-Gallon copper tanks
  • tank chemical cleaning line
  • 1000-Ampere rectifier
  • 400-Gallon solder plating tank w/ agitators
  • 500-Ampere rectifier
  • ASI ink and dry film stripper
  • Desmear and etch-back line

ETCHING: A complete etch room facility.

  • A81 double chambered etcher
  • Somaca SBC scrubber-dryer


  • 60—Gallon NI/ AU plating line
  • Par tab scrubber

CLEANING & SOLDER REFLOW: A complet capability.

  • Argus solder reflow machine
  • Somaca 3MD plate scrubber

MECHANICAL FABRICATION: A full Capability to meet
all requirements for tooling and fabrications.

  • Excellon numerical router/driller
  • EFS slotting machine
  • Barnaby model 202 chamfering machine
  • Upright drill press
  • Bevel master
  • Di-Acro 52" power shear

INSPECTION: Our inspection equipment and staff are
among our strongest assets. Inspection inlcudes 100%
electrical testing when required. We are dedicated to rigid
inspection after every operation.

  • Hole tester
  • Microderm with probes for PTH and metal deposits
  • Datcon quick check set
  • Sets pin gauges
  • Gauge block set No. 516-915
  • UPA Caviderm

LABORATORY — At all times we maintain complete
control of our processes. Chemical analysis and control is
an in-house function, verified by independent laboratories
to guarantee the best product.

  • Buhler grinding and polishing machine set
  • Unitron Model N 460x microscope
  • Hull cell unit for copper
  • Hull cell unit for solder
  • VWR scientific pl-I probes