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For 60 years, Circuit Reproduction Co. Inc., has served many of the best known names in the aerospace, medical devices, computers, communications, and commercial product areas. We are committed in providing the perfect solutions for our customers from quote to delivery.

Most of the companies we started making PCB's for are still proud and satisfied customers. Many of them have grown in volume and technology which has led us to grow as well. We have kept pace in our methods and our equipment to meet our customers' demands. And our staff is unsurpassed in training and experience.

Our production facility has increased from 10,000 sq. ft. to 30,000 sq. ft. of floor space in the last 15 years. Our inspection facilities include the latest methods and equipment to ensure the quality of even the most finely detailed artwork and panel construction.

We invite you to visit us, or send us your requirements. Our pricing is competitive for every board type, from single-sided to multilayer and from rigid to flex. Most importantly, our reputation for dependability, service, price and delivery can easily be confirmed by our customers.

As a leading PCB solutions provider and manufacturer, our goal at CRC inc. is consistently finding ways to make our customer experience better than ever. You earn trust by providing solutions that do more than meet customer's needs.